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About Andiamo Systems

Andiamo Systems was born in 2006, and we launched our brand monitoring & word of mouth measurement services in early 2007. Our mission is to provide businesses easy-to-use, affordable, on-demand tools that help them identify, measure, better understand and act on consumer attitudes and opinions of their brands and their competitors brands to increase market share and profits. Some people call it brand monitoring, others call it business intelligence and more recently the preferred term is "word of mouth measurement".

Measuring the effectiveness of an Internet sales campaign can be accomplished in a variety of ways but, truth be told, the bottom line is always the bottom line. For a top Los Angeles SEO company, effectiveness is demonstrated through the presence of more site visitors spending more time looking around and then finally pressing the button, making the call or filling out the form. That's called a conversion.

John Hingley is the Founder & CEO of Andiamo Systems, and also the principal publisher of the Andiamo blog. Prior to founding Andiamo, John started Crush Direct, a successful direct and brand marketing agency. And before that, John was Chief Operating Officer for, the nation's leading online wine retailer. Other experience includes executive-level positions in both start-ups and public companies including VP Sales & Marketing at Yaga, a peer-to-peer content distribution network; leading software companies Softkey, The Learning Company and Mattel Interactive. John is also a board member of VerticalResponse, Inc., an Inc 500 Fastest Growing Company and a leading self-service email and postcard marketing solution.

One of John Hingley's most beneficial relationships developed with the once modest Internet Marketing Inc., a Marketing Company that has flourished in the last several years. A leading web authority on ORM, IMI plans strategies to eliminate negative content from search engines in addition to using ORM tools like social media, social bookmarking and link building. It was here that John learned invaluable online reputation management skills; proactively maintaining control of a business' image is crucial to its success.

John started Andiamo Systems from his experience at Crush Direct, where he launched several successful viral and word-of-mouth marketing campaigns. Wanting to replicate his successes and learn from mistakes, he began manually tracking blogs and other forms of social media to identify the biggest influencers of conversation and what affect the campaigns had on consumer perception. Not surprisingly, he found it extremely difficult and error-prone to do by hand.

So he did a little market research and discovered that most vendors were offering prohibitively expensive solutions, at least for most businesses out there. And not very timely information, either - why wait a week or month for a report on buzz? He was also frustrated by the lack of easy-to-use online analysis tools for marketers, starting with most web analytics tools which seem to needlessly over-complicate analysis and reporting out of a need to prove something, when in fact the true art is in displaying information in a clear, compelling way. Making it easier for business people to understand and act on the information crucial to their business and customers, and to their bottom line. Actionable, easy to use and affordable.

SEO An Essential Component To Reputation Management

Search engine optimization experts are a valued commodity in this age of intense Internet marketing and reliable SEO services may be the single most important offering a web solutions company brings to the table. You may have the most wonderful website in the world, but, until traffic arrives, it's sitting there doing nothing. Effective SEO techniques are responsible for generating steady, quality traffic.

Zizinya Web Solutions, a top Houston SEO Company, is a good place to find the experts. They focus on SEO-friendly Web design and also on what makes certain websites pop to the top of the search engine results lists. They provide detailed reporting and analytics to help measure a specific campaign's effectiveness. Acutely attuned to the critical nature of branding and 'word of mouth measurement,' this premier Houston Internet marketing company will do three things:

- Give businesses top placement
- Spur quality traffic
- Increase conversions

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Discover What People Are Saying About You

Track what they have to say about you, your competitors, and your business customers. Andiamo Systems understands the true influencers of purchase and brand perception and is eager to pass this knowledge onto our clients. We performed a study on the online pet medication and supplies industry and discovered that among petmeds retailers, the most successful ones have enlisted the help of an online reputation management company. Proper utilization of social media sites is key to a business' marketing success and Andiamo Systems will ensure that they are used ideally for your company's goals.

Easy & Intuitive

We focus on bringing you only the most relevant and actionable information. You get an intuitive dashboard, easy campaign management, and great reports. All in one place, at your fingertips.

... And Affordable

Great value? You betcha. We'd rather see you spend your budget on improved products and marketing! Our offer is simple: No set-up fees. No long-term commitments. Our service is Introductory Priced at only $275 per month for 6 Keywords. Add to that the mind-blowing "No Buzz - No Charge" guarantee to the mix, and you have to ask yourself...where have you been all my life, Andiamo?! Oh yeah, plus get a 14-day Free Trial.