Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Who are you guys?

A. Andiamo Systems is a technology company devoted to providing businesses the most timely, relevant and actionable information possible business intelligence possible, so they can in turn make more well-informed decisions regarding company strategy, product positioning, advertising and marketing messaging and sales strategies.

We do this by mining user-generated content from blogs, message boards, forums, social networking & review sites as well as mainstream media - news and magazine sites, pr news wires - to report on consumer perceptions and attitudes on our customers' businesses, brands, products, services, executives and competitors.

Q. Why does this matter?

A. These days, companies are no longer in control of their brands. Consumers are. With the advent of Social Media, and the ease at which consumers can and are actively discussing their likes, dislikes and desires about products and brands, businesses have to listen, learn and take action in order to be relevant and competitive.

For instance, if a someone posts a highly negative comment about your business on a blog, it has the potential of reaching thousands, if not millions more consumers in a very short amount of time. Needless to say this can have a huge impact on the brand and business. If you are aware of this immediately, you can take action by contacting the blogger if facts are in error, post a comment on the blog stating your side of the story, if you are working on a resolution, etc. Immediate response is important in maintaining your reputation.

Q. What can I do with the information?

A. Grow your business and protect your brand reputation. Discover exactly who are the biggest Influencers of discussion about your brands, and engage them; see if (and why) you are gaining or losing share-of-voice versus your competitive set; discover, instantly, what consumers--especially Influencers--think about your brands or business; craft highly-relevant marketing and advertising messages; create products or services with features consumers really want; discover if consumers are getting ready to defect from you. And win them back.

Q. How are you different than a clipping service?

A. Traditional clipping services simply compile information from newspapers and magazines, and deliver a 'bundle' of actual clippings - copies of the bits and pieces of magazines and newspapers relating to them. Clipping services provide a valuable service, but in our opinion they focus on 'data' rather than 'information' and 'intelligence'.

Andiamo gathers information from a large variety of sources, especially from the newer, rapidly growing areas including blogs, opinion sites, message boards, forums and social networks. Places where active consumer conversations occur. We then process and analyze the information, using advanced algorithms and human analysis, to provide much more valuable information to our clients, including the Authority of the publisher, and the tonality and sentiment of the conversations. And we make this information available 24/7 in a dashboard format online. Our area is becoming known as 'Brand Monitoring'.

Q. What is Brand Monitoring?

A. As quoted from Forrester Research, Brand Monitoring is "the ongoing analysis of mainstream media and consumer-generated media to identify trends relevant to a company's marketing activities and competitive landscape."

Q. What if I'm not generating much buzz?

A. Well, sometimes no news can be good news. It all depends on your strategy and business type to a degree. The best way to organically generate word-of-mouth discussion about your business is to provide remarkable customer service, products, services and marketing messages. See our resource area for additional ideas and firms that can help get people talking!

Q. How often do you update your information?

A. Continuously. Since we deliver a high degree of accuracy and intelligence around the information, it does take a little time to analyze and report on. We strive for a maximum 24-hour latency between the actual posting and our advanced reporting of it.

Q. Why did it take you longer to report on a Mention than my clipping service?

A. We analyze each and every occurrence of your Keywords and employ human review for accuracy. That way, you'll get the most relevant, accurate and useable information. So it may take us slightly longer to report on occasion. That said, we realize time is money and strive to deliver your information as real-time as possible!

Q. What sources do you monitor?

A. We believe it is necessary to monitor as may different sources as possible to give you a complete view of consumer perceptions. So in addition to actively monitoring user-generated content from blog's, forums, message boards, social networks and review sites, we also monitor news and magazine sites, trade publication sites, PR news wires and more.

Q. Do you do all this with only machines and technology?

A. Although our technology and algorithms are quite advanced, we also rely on human, editorial expertise and review to enhance our technology. This makes us somewhat unique, and we believe this combination creates the most accurate and actionable information possible for our customers.

Q. What languages do you currently support?

A. Currently we are focusing on English only, although we plan to support additional languages soon!

Q. What's a blog?

A. A blog, short for weblog, is a web site consisting of articles, typically written in a conversational manner and often geared to promoting active discussion between the blog author and his/her readers.

Q. What's splog?

A. Long story short, splog is the 'spam' of the blogosphere. Irrelevant, disreputable, or stolen content posted to a blog site in order to increase the PageRank of the splogger affiliated web site and increase advertising impressions. Andiamo invests significant resources to identify and eliminate splog data from our reporting.

Q. Are all information sources and authors treated equally?

A. Absolutely not. We use a combination of technology and human review to score each and every individual information source based on their authority, or knowledge of, the subject at hand. We also score information sources based on audience and overall reach. These factors help us provide our customers with the most relevant information, especially the key Influencers of conversations around their business.

Q. How are you different from blog search engines?

A. We differ significantly blog search engines, which typically contain a significant amount of splog (see definition above), cannot determine relevancy or authority of the speaker and do not provide this information trending over time.

Q. Can conventional search engines or blog search engines provide the same information as Andiamo?

A. No. Conventional search engines are designed to answer general or vertical content questions. We designed Andiamo Systems to identify in real-time and longer-term trending who is most relevant, authoritative and influential to your brands. And whether consumer opinion is trending more positive or negative over time. These services take significant resources and skills to develop and maintain.