Features & Benefits

Discover what people are saying about you: easy & intuitive to use, & affordable!

Gain New Insights

Discover the Who, What, Why, and Where of people's comments and conversations about your brands. We show you the amount of buzz your are generating, where it is occurring, who the most influential people are that shape perceptions of your business, and what consumer opinions are of your brands. All designed to help you make more well informed business decisions.

Easy & Intuitive

We focus on bringing you the most relevant and actionable information. We provide an intuitive dashboard, easy campaign management, and tons of great reports and ways to slice and dice your findings. All in one place at your fingertips.

Terrific Value

Affordable? You betcha! We'd rather see you spend your budget on improved products and marketing! No set-up fees. Our service is only $275 per month, along with the revolutionary 'No Buzz - No Charge' Guarantee: If in any month your Campaigns do not generate at least 12 Mentions, your monthly charge will be deducted from the next month's bill.

'A' For Accuracy

Thanks to the 'human touch'. It's a mess out there. Blogs, splogs, posts, comments, misspells, and more all make for highly unstructured data. We use smart technology to mine, locate, classify and filter the data + smart people that review all the information and add an additional level of editorial review that provides the most accurate and relevant information possible. No Spam here!

On Demand

Media happens 24x7, your reporting should be the same. Come and get it, when you want it, wherever you happen to be. The sooner you have the information, the more quickly you can take action.

Save Time

Receive information on blog posts, message boards, forums and mainstream media (newspapers, magazines) all in one place. Ready for review whenever you want. Daily, trending over time, however you want it.

Transparent Data

No smoke and mirrors here. Every bit of information we bring you is available for you to drill-down all the way down to the original conversation. Whether you like the 30,000 ft. view or microscopic granularity, it's up to you. We can only do this because we use actual human beings to qualify our data and ensure its accuracy.

Powerful Technology

It takes whiz-bang processing power to collect information from the millions of blogs, message boards, forums, newspaper and magazines and more. Then process it through our proprietary algorithms and filters to classify it. Then analyze and report on it. Sure we could make it confusing and convoluted. But we prefer to keep the rocket science where it belongs--with our geeky developers and analysts.

Awareness Tracking & Trending

Discover the who, what, why and where of the mentions and discussions around your brand. And how you stack up against your competitors. We help you uncover the true Influencers affecting your business.

Sentiment & Satisfaction Analysis

Fickle, fickle. You're loved one day, railed against another. You better know, and know fast. And also analyze over time. We analyze each and every mention and report on a 5-point scale including: 'very positive', 'somewhat positive', 'neutral', 'somewhat negative' and 'very negative' so you know where you stand, and what you can do about it.

Great Support

Helpful support is available free of charge to every Andiamo customer. We're here for you and we're a dedicated bunch. Bottom line - we love what we do and only thrive if our customers do.

Multiple Information Sources

Many services only monitor blogs. Sure, we monitor millions of blogs, but also message boards, forums, review sites and mainstream media (news and magazines) to provide the most complete view of perceptions and conversations around your business.

Works On A Mac Or PC

Just make sure you have one from this century. And have Flash installed. And we think any Mac or PC from this century probably will. If not, go get it!


The Andiamo Systems' services are browser-based, so no software is required. Works in major browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and more.

Data Security & Integrity

Our servers are hosted in a Tier-1 data center with redundant power sources, fire-repellant gas vents, and those cool hand-scanner protected doors. Data is backed up religiously at our data center. Our Linux operating system, Apache server, MySQL databases and PHP programming keeps the system stable and secure.