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Brand Monitoring & Word of Mouth Measurement - why it should matter to you.

Andiamo Systems is an on-demand brand monitoring & word of mouth measurement application that provides the ongoing analysis of mainstream media and user-generated content to identify trends relevant to a company's marketing, product strategy, reputation management, sales and competitive landscape.

That means your business can leverage this valuable and timely insight in order to improve your products, services market share and profits!

So, What's The Big Deal?

Companies have always needed to monitor media for information related to their brands. But with the fragmentation of media and shifting consumer behavior, businesses are no longer in control of their brands. Back in the day when there was only a handful of TV stations and major news outlets, companies could control the marketing message they sent to consumers. A very 'one to many' relationship.

Fast forward. Now, more than ever, consumers are in control of brands (via blogs, forums, message boards, social network sites). The amount of online media--both consumer and trade generated--is growing exponentially and is impossible for businesses to efficiently monitor and take action on.

Businesses that ignore this information and do not take action risk loss of profits, market share, and brand deterioration. Businesses that embrace and act on this information will experience higher customer satisfaction, increased market share and profits, increased brand equity and a sustainable competitive edge.

Why Your Business Needs Brand Monitoring

The proliferation of social media on the web empowers consumers to become influential, opinion-wielding publishers and businesses the ability, like never before, to take the pulse of consumers as it pertains to their brands. Think of it as a continual, on-demand focus group that you can tap into wherever and whenever you want.

How We're Different (And We Think Better)

We use highly developed proprietary technology plus human editorial review to ensure a high level of relevancy and accuracy for our customers. Most companies attempt to solve this complex problem only with technology. We'll always integrate human analysis and editorial review into our offering. Our goal is to bring you actionable, relevant insights and information in an on-demand (whenever you want it), very affordable (it will meet your budgets) and easy-to-understand (you can actually use it) way.