Word-Of-Mouth & User Generated Media Measurement

On-demand reporting to help your business grow.

All your reports are easy to understand and will include:

  • Customization: Select as many or as few Keywords as you like, preferred report formats, and date ranges to create the report that displays your information in the most relevant way for you.
  • Complete drill-down: From the summary report level, click through easily to the original Mention the blog post, news wire article, consumer review, video, you name it.
  • Authority, Reach, Relevance & Sentiment values: not all mentions are not created equal! Using proprietary technology & human review, you'll get these values to help determine the relative importance and value of each mention.

The Pro plan includes all the reports and insights listed below:

  • Dashboard: An easy-to-understand summary snapshot of your key information, along with campaign management tools.
  • Mention Trends: Across all monitored sources of media, the total number of posts, comments, or articles each of your selected Keywords are generating. Daily, weekly, and trending over time.
  • Channel: The type of media where the Mention occurred - business blog, personal interest blog, opinion site, review site, message board, social network, news site, trade site or pr site.
  • Source: The names of the blog, message board, forum, opinion site, social network, trade, news or other site where most Mentions are occurring.
  • Your Mentions: Snippets of each Mention your Keywords have received, with the publish date, source name, and Reach, Authority, relevance and Sentiment rankings.
  • Sentiment: Are they singing your praises, or busting your chops? Find out what consumer perception is for your brand - and your competitor's brands too!
  • Share of Voice: How much market presence do you have? Find out how many Mentions your Keywords are generating versus your chosen competitive set.
  • Authority ranking: For each Mention, a 1-10 rating of the ability of the Source to truly influence consumer perception and purchase intent.
  • Reach ranking: For each Mention, a 1-10 rating of the potential readership and audience size of the Source the Mention occurred.
  • Relevance ranking: For each Mention, a 1-10 rating of the degree the Article speaks about your Keyword.
  • Sentiment ranking: For each Mention, a 5-point rating whether the Mention is Very Positive, Positive, Neutral, Negative or Very Negative.