Who Needs Brand Monitoring & User Generated Media Measurement

If you care about building your business & brand equity, you need Andiamo.

Whether you are in marketing, sales, research, or sitting in the big corner office, you need to keep your finger on the pulse of the consumer. Listen, learn, engage and profit through improved products, services and brand value.

  • Brand, PR, Product Marketers and Market Researchers: Monitor your brands and your competitors, their reputation, campaign and advertising effectiveness, trending, consumer opinions, and competitive analysis.
  • Advertising & PR Agencies: It is imperative for account executives and account directors to be 'in the know' before their clients. Monitor trends relevant to creating solid marketing strategy and track Share of Voice for your clients competitive set.
  • C-level Executives: CEOs, CMOs, CFOs and others will now have quick access to snapshots, and easily analyze their reputation management and trends at the corporate and executive level.
  • Direct Marketers: Now you can determine how much 'buzz' is turning into sales and how consumer perception is affecting response rates. Craft improved, targeted, relevant messaging and offers that resonate with consumers.
  • Salespeople: Be the first to know what consumers are saying about your company, your competitors, and the businesses you are calling on. More effectively position your products and services versus the competition.